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2023 Global Travel Trends Report: Embracing the World Around Us

2023 Global Travel Trends Report: Embracing the World Around Us

by Travelopod

August 14, 2023

What's next on your travel list? What should you do once you’re there? To know about the 2023–24 global travel trends, read the blog.

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Now that travel has made its comeback to pre-pandemic levels, travelers are spanning the globe for new experiences. What should you include on your travel list? What are the trending things to do once you reach that destination? With millions of places worth traveling to, it can be tough for travelers to narrow down the top spots. The answers to all these questions keep evolving with time and new trends.

Since we are almost halfway through the year, let's brush up on the 2023 Global Travel Trends Report. This report delves into the factors influencing global travel behavior and how these factors are shaping the future of travel. American Express Travel recently unveiled its 2023 Global Travel Trends Report, shedding light on the key factors driving people’s travel plans this year.

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The Rise of “Set-Jetting”: Travel Inspired by Pop Culture and Social Media
"Set-jetting," or choosing travel places based on famous movies, TV series, and social media, has grown in popularity. Younger travelers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, are more influenced by what they see on the internet.
In fact, 75% of respondents stated that social media motivated them to visit a particular destination. Mentioned below are a few platforms that played an important part in their travel inspiration.
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Top Travel Destinations from TV Shows and Movies

  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, UK- Harry Potter
  • Sicily, Italy - White Lotus show
  • Croatia - Game of Thrones
  • Munnar, Kerala, India- Life of Pi and Chennai Express
  • Hawaii, United States- Jurassic Park, Avatar, LOST
  • Istanbul, Turkey- Argo

Delicious Destinations: Culinary Experiences Shape Travel Choices
Food is becoming an increasingly essential component of where people choose to go.

  • When traveling, the majority of respondents (81%) look forward to tasting local foods and cuisines.
  • 66% of Gen Z and Millennials use social media as their major source of inspiration for eating experiences when traveling.
  • Furthermore, nearly half (47%) of these younger tourists planned their entire trip around a particular restaurant visit.

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Top Foodie Destinations Around the World

  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Mendoza, Argentina
  • Paris, France
  • Jaipur, India
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Traveling to Off-Beat Destinations

  • When 86% of Gen-Z and Millennial respondents, and 83% of all surveyed respondents, travel to a new destination, they want to shop at local businesses.
  • 69% of all respondents would spend more on a trip if they knew it supported the local community.
  • 88% of all respondents agreed that dining and shopping at local small businesses provide a more authentic experience.

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A Wellness Wave: Prioritizing Self-Care and Restorative Vacations
The desire for restorative travel focused on mental, physical, and emotional health is rising. The majority of respondents perceive leisure travel as a reprieve from overstimulation and multitasking.

  • 75% of travelers want to minimize screen time when traveling to improve their mental health.
  • 68% of travelers aim to surround themselves with nature to focus on mental clarity.

Travelers’ self-care and wellness preferences vary based on their country of residence.

These above-mentioned graphs call for a trip to India, as it is one of the most popular choices for travelers on a wellness wave. India has become synonymous with exquisite service, world-class amenities, and unique travel experiences, from the rich palaces of Rajasthan to the dynamic cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and Karnal. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the flights to India to prioritize self-care and restorative vacations.
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Travel and Budget Plans
According to the report, more than 52% of respondents want to take more trips in 2023–24 than in 2022, and 50% intend to spend more money on travel this year. Surprisingly, 84% of Gen Z and Millennials would rather invest in a dream vacation than a new luxury item, and 79% believe travel to be an essential budget priority.
Key Takeaway
In conclusion, the 2023 Global Travel Trends Report highlights the evolving preferences of today’s travelers, with an emphasis on personalized itineraries and unique experiences. We hope you cherish this comprehensive look at the current state of travel. As you head out in these coming years to visit spots new and old, we hope you take a moment to discover something unexpected. Discover that unknown small business or quiet little park that hasn't made it into the guidebooks; it will make your trip that much more rewarding. About Travelopod
With the highest customer ratings, Travelopod is the go-to brand for all the travel-enthusiasts. We are on a mission to offer the lowest airfare without compromising on the quality of service. Planning travel to India and Europe is our specialty. Be it a family holiday, an African safari, a cruise, or just flight and hotel bookings, Travelopod is the preferred choice of millions of highly satisfied customers. Disclaimer: Travelopod makes no claims of ownership over the images featured on our blog site unless otherwise stated. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to the original sources. We will promptly remove any images from Travelopod if you own the rights to them and do not want them to be displayed there.
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