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Best Indian Travel Podcasts: An Audio Tour To India’s Diverse Landscape

Best Indian Travel Podcasts: An Audio Tour To India’s Diverse Landscape

by Travelopod

June 05, 2024

Best Indian Travel Podcasts

The Rediscovery Podcast

Hosted by Ambika and Hoshner, this podcast will take you on a delightful journey of some less-explored Indian destinations. This podcast offers engaging storytelling and practical travel tips for its listeners. From less explored destinations to cultural festivals, each episode highlights a different aspect of the country, offering insights into the country's rich heritage and traditions. This podcast offers great inspiration and information to ignite your wanderlust spirit.

Available On: Spotify & Apple Podcasts

Travel With Ketan

Travel with Ketan is a vibrant podcast, hosted by Ketan Joshi. This podcast talks about the adventure travel chronicles of Ketan Joshi. With his efficient way of storytelling, he brings each destination to life. The podcast provides valuable insights and tips to plan your travel adventures. He also invites his fellow travelers as guests on his podcast to share their travel experiences with the audience. The amusing narration by the host offers a great light-hearted listening experience.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music

India Chalo

India Chalo offers a detailed exploration of vast Indian landscapes. This 16-episode podcast takes you through different destinations via stories of travel enthusiasts. It offers a unique blend of storytelling, personal experiences, and travel tips from travelers who have explored different regions of India. Aiming to inspire listeners for their next travel adventures, this podcast offers a rich tapestry of the beauty and diversity of India.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music

Daily Passenger A Responsible Travel Podcast

Hosted by award-winning travel blogger, Anhui Akhoury this podcast focuses on sustainable and responsible tourism. The podcast inspires its listeners to explore the scenic beauty of India while being mindful of their actions that impact the environment and local communities of the area. This podcast is beyond just storytelling rather it focuses deeply on the ethos of sustainable travel. The podcast not only highlights the beauty of Indian destinations but also educates its listeners on how to travel mindfully. Through engaging interviews and insightful tips, the podcast inspires its listeners to make informed decisions while they travel to India.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music

Brewing Travel Shots

This audio podcast features the travel stories of women travelers in India. Each episode shares the journey of different women travelers who have embarked on unique travel adventures in India. This podcast encourages women to travel more to experience the joy and challenges of traveling. This podcast is hosted by The Flapper Life, a women’s travel and lifestyle company. It offers a diverse range of stories of women travelers on their range of adventures during their travel in India. This inspiring podcast offers a glimpse into the travel experiences and adventures of some inspiring women travelers.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music

The Travelling Professor

This podcast talks about practical advice, travel hacks, and destination recommendations from some seasoned travelers. The podcast covers a wide range of topics from budget travel tips to valuable insights and experiences. It's a weekly podcast that aims to educate listeners about different travel destinations across India and cost-saving strategies. Siddharth Deshmukh, host of the podcast is himself an avid traveler who is deeply involved in the world of travel, education, and podcasting.

Available On: Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcast

These are some of the best travel podcasts that offer a diverse range of narratives and insights to cater to the tastes of various travel enthusiasts. From inspiring stories of female travelers to budget travel tips there is something for everyone who is looking to explore the diverse landscapes of India. Collectively, these podcasts serve as an excellent source of travel inspiration and practical advice and promise to ignite your wanderlust like never before.

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