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Delhi Airport's New Interterminal Baggage Transfer System - Making Connecting Flights to India a Breeze!

Delhi Airport's New Interterminal Baggage Transfer System - Making Connecting Flights to India a Breeze!

by Travelopod

January 31, 2024

Get ready for smoother connections and less baggage blues on your flights to Delhi!

Delhi Airport's New Interterminal Baggage Transfer System - Making Connecting Flights to India a Breeze!

Indra Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) is soaring towards its ambitious goal of becoming India’s first aviation hub. This is exciting news for all frequent flyers who book their flights to New Delhi as IGIA is streamlining its inter-terminal baggage transfer process. That’s not all they are also eliminating the process of the hassle of collecting and re-checking bags for connecting flights. This means seamless transitions and less stress for travelers heading to their final destinations.

How is This Beneficial for You?

If the internal baggage transfer system is in place, you won't be required to go through the baggage claim and recheck-in for your connecting flight. Therefore, this is a welcome move for international passengers with onward domestic connections, given the current restrictions on through baggage check-in at India's busiest airport. The upcoming facility will ensure seamless domestic-to-international, domestic-to-domestic, and international-to-domestic connections.

The Introduction of Inter-Terminal Baggage Transfer System

New regulations introduced in 2022 require international passengers arriving in Delhi to claim their checked luggage upon arrival before re-checking them for connecting flights. This time-consuming process is a pain for travelers, especially for travelers booking international flights to New Delhi IGI Airport, which is the main getaway to India for non-stop flights from USA, Europe, Canada, and other countries.

Inter-Terminal Transfer Pilot Underway

Thankfully, a new inter-terminal baggage transfer system is in pilot testing across all three terminals (T1, T2, and T3), promising seamless connections and eliminating the need to claim and re-check luggage. Additionally, an early baggage storage facility will be available for long layovers, and the airport plans to speed up immigration to further ease the transition between domestic and international flights to New Delhi.

What Next?

Delhi Airport understands that a swift and efficient immigration process is crucial for a smooth travel experience. They are actively collaborating with various ministries, including finance, tourism, external affairs, and home affairs, to streamline the immigration process. This collaborative effort aims to allocate responsibilities effectively and implement a viable plan to ensure faster immigration clearance, particularly for travelers with connecting flights. The officials also added that plans are underway for air trains and subways to connect the terminals at IGI.

Key Takeaway

Overall, this development looks like bright skies lie ahead for Delhi Airport! Travelers flying to India can soon expect a seamless and efficient experience, whether connecting internationally or domestically. Faster baggage transfers and streamlined immigration promise smoother journeys, while future air trains and subways will further enhance travel between terminals.

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