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Expected Delay on Flights to India from San Francisco Until July- Here’s Why

Expected Delay on Flights to India from San Francisco Until July- Here’s Why

by Travelopod

January 30, 2024

San Francisco, CA – January 19, 2024 – Passengers planning to book their flight from San Francisco (SFO) to India in the coming months are advised to brace for potential delays due to a scheduled runway closure.

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Starting January 16th, 2024, and lasting for five months, Runway 28 Left at SFO will be closed to facilitate a significant taxiway improvement project. This closure, slated to conclude no later than July 1st, 2024, directly precedes the busy Independence Day weekend and peak summer travel season.

"The closure will temporarily reduce SFO's overall runway capacity, leading to possible delays for arriving and departing flights," the airport acknowledged in an official statement. "SFO is collaborating closely with airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adjust flight schedules and minimize inconvenience to passengers."

Given the potential for delays and schedule adjustments at SFO over the next five months, consider protecting your travel plans with comprehensive travel insurance. Unexpected changes can disrupt itineraries and incur extra costs. Travel insurance can offer peace of mind by providing compensation for delays, missed connections, and even trip cancellations. Invest in security and enjoy your journey knowing you're covered, no matter what the skies throw your way.  

The airport anticipates that approximately one-third of all flights, both international and domestic, may experience delays ranging from 30 to 60 minutes during the closure period. These delays are most likely to occur during peak travel times between January and April.

While specific schedule adjustments for May and June are still under review by individual airlines, the airport assures passengers that they are actively working to mitigate disruptions caused by the runway closure. 

The ongoing $55 million project aims to streamline aircraft taxiing after landing, enhancing overall safety and aligning the taxiway layout with the latest industry standards. This essential infrastructure upgrade ultimately benefits not only passengers but also airport operations and personnel.


So, If you plan to fly into or out of SFO during the next five months, keep in mind that flights most likely may be delayed or adjusted. If you’re taking a connecting flight to India or anywhere else, check that you have ample time between connections. 

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