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Finland or Norway? Where You Should Go for the Best Experience of the Northern Lights?

Finland or Norway? Where You Should Go for the Best Experience of the Northern Lights?

by Travelopod

February 22, 2024

Gazing at the swirling magic of the northern lights is a dream etched into the minds of countless explorers. This dazzling display of nature's power can freeze you in your tracks, leaving you speechless before its raw, primal beauty. It's the kind of epic, soul-shaking moment we all crave on our journeys.

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2024 is the best year for the Northern Lights. So if you’re confused between Norway or Finland, we’ve objectively tried to cover all the points that can help you choose the best. 

Norway or Finland: Your Guide to Finding the Aurora Borealis:

Intensity of Aurora

Both Finland and Norway offer incredible opportunities to chase this celestial spectacle, but which one reigns supreme? Let's break it down based on aurora intensity:

Norway: Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, boasts stronger and more frequent aurora displays. The skies here are darker, due to minimal light pollution, and the region sits smack in the "aurora oval," maximizing your chances of seeing the lights. Plus, Norway's diverse landscapes, from dramatic fjords to snow-capped mountains, provide stunning backdrops for the show.

Finland: While Finnish Lapland also lies within the aurora oval, the lights tend to be less intense compared to Norway. However, Finland compensates with a wider viewing area, meaning you have more options to base yourself on, including charming towns like Rovaniemi. Additionally, Finland offers unique experiences like staying in glass igloos, perfect for sky-gazing in ultimate comfort.


They are both nearby and you can see the Aurora in the north of both. But, their geographies are very different:

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  • Dramatic mountains and fjords: Think towering cliffs plunging into deep blue waters - a photographer's paradise.
  • Activities: Fjord cruises, catamaran tours, and even whale watching!


  • Calm lakes and rolling plains: A serene landscape dotted with shimmering frozen lakes and gentle hills.
  • Unique experiences: Stay in a glass igloo for ultimate sky-gazing, visit Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, or embark on an icebreaker cruise.


Did you know that Norway is less cold than Finland because of the Gulf Stream? So, the average temperature doesn’t drop below -14 degrees.

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While both Finland and Norway offer amazing Northern Lights experiences, the mercury dips differently:

Finland: Brace for chillier temperatures, ranging from 0°F to a bone-chilling -50°F! Bundle up well, especially if venturing deeper into Lapland.

Norway: The Gulf Stream keeps things milder, with most areas averaging between 0°F and a still-cold -14°F. You can pack slightly lighter compared to Finland.

Convenience: Flight Strategies

Norway: If you want to save money on flights, look for deals directly to Tromsø, Norway. It's an ideal choice for immediate access to prime aurora viewing territory. 

Finland: You can book flights to Kittilä and Ivalo in Finnish Lapland, which offers direct flights and excellent locations for Aurora spotting. However, if you want to explore the capital city then you can book a direct flight to Helsinki. 


  • Book early for competitive prices, especially during peak season.
  • Research connecting flights if needed to reach your final destination.

Summing Up!

The verdict is yours! Both Finland and Norway offer spellbinding vistas, unique experiences, and a guaranteed shot at witnessing the dancing magic of the Aurora Borealis. So, where would you like to go after this through comparison? 

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