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United Airlines to Resume Nonstop Flights from USA in 2023 & 2024

United Airlines to Resume Nonstop Flights from USA in 2023 & 2024

by Travelopod

September 15, 2023

United Airlines is resuming its nonstop flights from the USA to India after a 15-month suspension. Read the blog to know the flight routes.

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United Airlines is set to resume its nonstop flights to India from the USA, effective with the winter schedule of 2023. The airline suspended these flights in February 2022 due to Russian airspace restrictions.

The airline will resume its nonstop flights from San Francisco to Delhi and Newark to Mumbai. If you're looking to travel to India this holiday season, this is your chance to score a great deal on your flight on Travelopod.

The routes that will be resumed are:
These are some of the busiest international routes for United Airlines, and their resumption will be a welcome relief for travelers who have been waiting to visit India.
The flights will start in December 2023 and will operate year-round. This is great news for travelers who want to avoid layovers and have a more direct flight to India.
United Airlines is also offering a variety of other perks, such as:
  • Premium economy seats, which offer more legroom and comfort
  • Free checked bags
  • Complimentary in-flight meals and drinks
  • Access to United's airport lounges

What triggered the resumption of United Airlines flights?

The government of India's denial of United Airlines' application seeking to codeshare on Emirates flights to India is the key reason behind the resumption of United Airlines flights to India. The codeshare agreement would have allowed United to sell seats on Emirates flights to India, but the government denied the application.

What about the SFO to Bengaluru nonstop service project?

The SFO to Bengaluru nonstop service project that United Airlines deferred during the pandemic has reportedly been shelved forever. This leaves Air India as the only carrier operating nonstop flights between San Francisco and Bengaluru.

What does this mean for travelers?

The resumption of United Airlines flights to India and the scrapping of the SFO to Bengaluru nonstop service project mean that travelers will have more options for flying to India from the USA. This is likely to lead to lower fares and more competitive service.

In conclusion, the resumption of United Airlines' nonstop flights to India is a welcome development for travelers waiting to visit the country. The new flights offer more options and convenience and are likely to lead to lower fares and more competitive service.

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