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The Future of Flying Is Here: Air India to Get a Major Update

The Future of Flying Is Here: Air India to Get a Major Update

by Travelopod

August 15, 2023

Your Air India flight experience is about to get a major upgrade in 2023. Here's what to expect.

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Indian aviation is once again on the rise! There's a lot to be thrilled about for Indian Flyers, with the Tata Group taking over Air India, Vistara seeking to combine with Air India and Turkish Airlines' Boeing 777-300ER aircraft due to join the IndiGo fleet. So get ready to take to the skies and experience the best of what Indian aviation has to offer!

Indian Aviation: A Tailwind of Growth

Indian aviation is booming, and many experts believe that this is a watershed moment for the industry. The growth is being driven by a number of factors, including

  • The increasing population and affluence of Indians are leading to more people flying.
  • The government's priority is infrastructure development, especially improving airport capacity and connectivity.
  • A new airline entrance increases competition and drives down pricing.

As a result of this expansion, Indian aviation has risen to become the world's third-largest domestic aviation market. It is also expected to overtake the UK as the world's third-largest air passenger market by 2024. This expansion is beneficial to the economy since it creates employment and contributes to GDP.

In addition to the growth in the domestic market, there is also strong growth in the international market. Indian Airlines now travel to over 100 locations worldwide, including direct flights to India. This growth is being driven by an increase in demand for air travel by Indians traveling for leisure or business.

New and Improved Air India's In-Flight Experience

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Air India has experienced a lot of changes since it was acquired by the Tata Group in January 2022. These changes include:

  • Improved customer service: Air India has undertaken a number of adjustments to improve its customer service, including recruiting additional workers, revamping its website and mobile app, and launching a new chatbot.
  • Expanded fleet: Air India has added new aircraft to its fleet, including Boeing 777-200LRs and Airbus A320neos. This has allowed the airline to expand its network and provide additional flights to new destinations.
  • New Technology: Air India has invested in new technology, such as a new passenger service system and a new departure control system. This helped the airline improve operating efficiency and reduce delays.

Passengers and industry experts have praised the revisions. Air India is currently seen as a more competitive airline that is well-positioned for future success.

Air India: Poised for Growth

Here are some of the specific improvements that have been made to the inflight product:

  • Seats: The new economy class seats on Air India are bigger and feature more legroom than the old seats. They also offer adjustable headrests and footrests, making long trips more comfortable.
  • Premium economy cabin: On long-haul flights, Air India has launched a new premium economy cabin. This cabin's seats are wider and feature more legroom than economy-class seats. They also include a pillow, blanket, and amenity kit, as well as adjustable headrests and footrests.
  • Inflight Entertainment: Air India's in-flight entertainment system has been improved on all of its aircraft. The new system has more movies, TV series, and music than the old system. It also includes touch displays that make navigating the menus simple.
  • Amenities: Air India has improved the amenities it provides to its customers. Economy class and premium class passengers now receive a pillow, blanket, and amenity kit. However, premium economy class passengers also receive a welcome drink.

Currently, this substantially upgraded Air India experience is available on the 3x weekly direct flights from San Francisco to Mumbai and on the flights from San Francisco to Bengaluru.

Vistara: Taking off to Newer Isles

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While the merger of Vistara with Air India is being discussed, the airline continues to operate independently and compete with other airlines, including Air India.

Vistara is known for its premium service and amenities, but it also offers cheap flights to India. The airline has a wide network of flights to major cities in India, and it often offers discounts and promotions. As the proposed date for the completion of the merger is March 2024, it is safe to say that the Vistara brand will remain for the time being, and its commitment to providing affordable air travel to India will likely continue.

IndiGo Spices Up In-Flight Snacks with Turkish Delight

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India's largest and most successful airline, IndiGo, recently inducted its 300th aircraft. This is a first for an Indian airline and positions IndiGo in the big league globally. For comparison, IndiGo now has more aircraft than all Tata Group-owned airlines combined, which include Air India, Vistara, AirAsia India, Air India Express; Go First, and Akasa combined. IndiGo offers direct flights to India from over 100 destinations worldwide, making it a popular choice for travelers from all over the world.

IndiGo will also be operating the Boeing 777-300ER widebody aircraft acquired on wet lease from Turkish Airlines. A wet lease is an arrangement whereby an airline inducts an aircraft operated by another airline along with pilots and cabin crew. In this case, the IndiGo cabin crew will also operate alongside the Turkish cabin crew.

Key Takeaway

In 2023, India's airlines are poised to make a significant leap forward. With the industry gearing up for exponential growth, airlines are investing heavily in new aircraft, upgraded facilities, and improved products and services. As a result, travelers can expect a more comfortable and convenient flying experience than ever before on their flights to India.

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