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Turkish Airlines Offers New Direct Flights to India from Detroit

Turkish Airlines Offers New Direct Flights to India from Detroit

by Travelopod

August 18, 2023

Turkish Airlines to launch direct flights from the US to India in Winter 2023. Read the blog to know more.

Turkish Airlines to launch direct flights from the US to India in Winter 2023. Read the blog to know more.

The winter schedule of 2023 is bringing some exciting new changes to the US-India travel corridor. Turkish Airlines will be launching one-stop flights to India from Detroit via Istanbul. This is a major coup for Michigan, which has seen a growing trade relationship with Chennai, India, in recent years. This is the first time a Middle Eastern carrier will fly to and from Detroit directly to the Middle East. The new service is good news for Indians in Michigan and surrounding areas.

Turkish Airlines to Give Tough Competition to Other Airlines on the Detroit-India Route

Turkish Airlines is set to give tough competition to other airlines operating on the Detroit-India route with its new direct flights via Istanbul. The airline will offer a number of advantages over its rivals, including:

  • More convenient travel: Turkish Airlines' direct flights will save passengers time and hassle, as they will no longer have to make connecting flights.
  • More baggage allowance: When it comes to flying to India from Detroit, most economy-class travelers on Lufthansa are only allowed one check-in bag (23kg) for free. The same goes for American Airlines and United Airlines, which are validating carriers for international codeshare flights. However, Turkish Airlines has a more liberal baggage allowance policy for economy-class travelers booking cheap flights to India from the USA. You can check in two pieces of luggage (23kg each) for free on Turkish economy-class flights, regardless of routes.
  • Better transit experience: Turkish Airlines' hub in Istanbul is a major transit point for flights to India, so passengers can easily find convenient layovers that fit their schedules.

Turkish Airlines to Outperform American Airlines and United Airlines

Turkish Airlines is particularly well-positioned to outperform American Airlines and United Airlines on the Detroit-India route. American Airlines operates two-stop codeshare flights to Delhi and Mumbai from Detroit, which means that passengers have to make connecting flights in Dallas or Chicago. United Airlines flights from Detroit are further connected to India via Chicago and Newark by Air India, which also means that passengers have to make connecting flights.

In contrast, Turkish Airlines' direct flights offer a more convenient and seamless travel experience. Passengers can simply check-in for their flight in Detroit and arrive in India without having to make any connecting flights. Turkish Airlines also offers a more generous baggage allowance than American Airlines and United Airlines, which is another advantage for passengers. As, Turkish Airlines allows two pieces of checked baggage for free, while other airlines only allow one. Turkish Airlines also has a more convenient layover in Istanbul, making it an attractive stopover for a short holiday.

Turkish Airlines will also operate direct flights between Detroit and Istanbul, with one-stop connections to its Indian destinations. This is a significant improvement over the present alternatives, which require customers to connect with American Airlines in Dallas or Chicago, or United Airlines in Chicago and Newark.

The new Turkish Airlines flights will benefit Indians in Michigan, who have previously requested nonstop flights to India from Detroit. Indians from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky will also profit from the flights, as they will now have a more convenient way to go to their home states in India.

Key Takeaway

Turkish Airlines' upcoming service to Detroit is a welcome addition to the market, and it is sure to be popular with passengers who are looking for more baggage allowance and direct flights to India.

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