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Greece Islands Signature

Greece Islands Signature

10 Days


This journey from Classical to modern Greece will give you the chance to marvel at historical and archaeological treasures from centuries past on this ten day tour through a captivating nation that is as rich in history as it is in culture. Begin in the ancient capital of Athens, home to both the iconic Acropolis and charming neighbourhoods steeped in thousands of years of history. Island hop in the scenic Cyclades encircled by the intense blue of the Aegean Sea. Embrace the laissez-faire island life of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini, destinations renowned for their vibrant sunsets and traditional villages in dazzling shades of blue and white. Once a powerful influence in the ancient world, Greece is now recognised for its comprehensive collection of cultural and national gems. On this tour you will not only be able to see with your own eyes artifacts of history that date back to Ancient Greece in a modern light. As you look forward to all the wonderful places you will visit, be sure to get excited for all the amazing Greek and Mediterranean food you will taste as well.

3 days in Athens

2 days in Mykonos

2 days in Paros

3 days in Santorini

The Plan:

Day 1 Athens


Welcome to Greece. You will be greeted upon arrival at Athens International Airport and transferred to your hotel. Explore the delights of your surroundings at leisure for the remainder of the day.

Day 2 Athens(3.5-5 hour tour)


Embark on an expertly guided half-day sightseeing tour of the capital of Greece in the comfort of an air conditioned coach. Lose yourself in ancient Athens by listening to riveting tales of the mighty Acropolis and its significance in history, before being catapulted to present day at the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the first modern Olympic Games.

Day 3 Athens to Mykonos (2 hours by high speed ferry)


Depart for Mykonos on your first island hop. Settle in at your hotel before setting off to explore the uniqueness of this port town. Uncover the mystery behind the winding narrow laneways and visit the iconic windmills of Mykonos, which brought great economic prosperity to Greece between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Day 4 Mykonos(5 hour tour)


Visit Delos today and embrace the culture and lifestyle of the ancient Greek empire by observing the archaeological treasures uncovered from surrounding areas at the Delos Museum. Enhance your historical knowledge by witnessing the Temple of Apollo and Sanctuary of Artemis, and wander the ancient city’s lively marketplaces and public squares.

Day 5 Mykonos to Paros (1 hour by high speed ferry)


The bayside town of Parikia will be your port of entry to Paros as you depart Mykonos this morning, and the main base for exploring the island known for its golden beaches and traditional villages. Check in at your hotel upon arrival on the island, and explore the abundance of swimming coves on the north coast.

Day 6 Paros


Visit the Panaya of Ekatontapiliani, a Byzantine church regarded as the icon of Paros. Dating back to the year 326, this beautifully ornate sacred place of worship from early Christianity is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Traipse across Parikia’s charming old town and lose yourself in the scores of narrow streets and alleyways.

Day 7 Paros to Santorini (2 hours by high speed ferry)


Your final destination of this journey is picturesque Santorini. Check in at your hotel and discover for yourself the island’s overwhelming beauty – here, traditional whitewashed houses topped with dazzling sapphire domes intertwine with a labyrinth of winding cobblestone laneways.

Day 8 Santorini (5 hour tour)


Join an enthusiastic English-speaking guide for a comprehensive tour of Santorini’s famed beaches. Begin at Red Beach for its unique colour of sand and rock formations, and visit nearby White Beach, boasting black pebbles on its shoreline and surrounding white cliffs. End the day by visiting the island’s natural hot springs, rumoured to have a bevy of healing properties.

Day 9 Santorini


Celebrate your last day in Santorini today by revisiting some of your favourite sites on the island at your leisure. Opt to hit the beaches and soak in the warm natural waters of the island’s hot springs next to the still active Nea Kameni volcano, or observe an unforgettable sunset from one of many picturesque spots.

Day 10 Farewell Greece


Prepare for your private transfer to the airport for your journey home.

Must See:


Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, Panathenaic Stadium, Temple of Olympian Zeus


Windmills, St. Stefanos Beach, Ano Mera village, Panagia Tourliani Monastery, Kalafatis Beach


Panaya of Ekatontapiliani


Akrotiri, Santorini caldera, Perissa Beach

Memory Makers:



Greek Cooking Class in an Athens Tavern (3 hours)

Spend three hours in the evening with a skilled instructor and small group of fellow Greek cuisine enthusiasts as you learn to prepare four traditional appetisers and one main course. Discuss at length the techniques and local ingredients unique to Mediterranean dishes, and devour the results of your hard work at the end of the session.


Private Tour: Gourmet Food Walking Tour in Athens (4 hours)

Explore Greece’s stimulating culinary landscape in this four hour private session with a local food guru. Navigate through the lively markets, enticing street food stalls and cosy cafes of Athens in search of delectable eats. Sample anything from sweet treats to spices and discover the nation’s heritage and curious customs surrounding the dinner table.



Mykonian Spiti Farm Barbecue (3.5 hours)

Participate in a traditional Hellenic barbecue on a Mykonian farm, where guests are encouraged to meet the farm animals and engage in the cooking process, practicing the Hellenic customs of barbecuing. Learn the history of island farming as smoky scents of fresh grilled Hellenic meats waft through the air.


Mykonos Catamaran Sailing Tours (6 hours)

Beginning in Ornos Bay, sail on the dazzling waters surrounding Delos and Rhenia, and opt to swim or snorkel at either of the two exciting stops made on this catamaran. Dive into the island’s inviting coves, and indulge in a freshly prepared Mediterranean meal on board.



Small Group Santorini Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour (4.5 hours)

On this intimate 4.5 hour tour guided by a wine expert, visit three of Santorini’s most esteemed wineries along the peaceful countryside. Savor the regional varieties of volcanic wines and sample up to twelve different selections. Opt to upgrade for a visit to a hilltop winery complete with tapas and stunning views to complement your wine tasting experience.

Weather and climate


Greece boasts sunshine and warm weather from May through October, with its warmest months in July and August. These two months coincide with the nation’s peak travel season, when throngs of tourists visit the beaches and bathe under the balmy Mediterranean sun. To avoid the crowds, visit in the spring and early autumn for pleasant weather and minimal precipitation. WInters in Greece are chilly with an average temperature of 12°C in December.

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