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Icelandic Summer

Icelandic Summer

8 Days


If you want to explore the great outdoors, there are not many places that beat Iceland with its volcanoes, ice caves, waterfalls, glaciers, and mountains. Begin your adventure in Grindavik relaxing among the mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. Then, you’ll hike through Reykjadalur to catch views of waterfalls and natural hot springs. Then, you will journey to Thingvellir National Park to walk and explore in the lava tube caves of Gjabakkahellir and snorkel the Silfra fissure in Thingvallavatn. Then, you’ll descend 400 feet into the magma chamber of Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano. After flying to Akureyri, you can scuba dive in the Arnarnesstry Tour and explore the geothermal caves in Myvatn. You’ll then dive deep into the Arctic Circle on a 3 hour flight. These 8 days are jam packed with adventure sure to fascinate and leave you breathless. Explore Iceland in a way you never knew you could and leave with memories you never thought you could have.

4 days in Reykjavik

4 Days in Akureyri

The Plan:

Day 1 Reykjavik


On this first day of your Iceland journey, you’ll go to the Blue Lagoon for some major relaxation surrounded by the magically blue sights and mineral waters. Be sure to grab a silicone face mask and grab a drink at their pool side bar. Then, you’ll make your way to check in to your hotel.

Day 2 Reykjavik - 6 Hour Hiking Tour


On a Super Jeep hiking tour of Reykjadalur, you’ll hike to the town of Hveragerdi famous for their greenhouses and hot springs and the valley of Reykjadalur where hot water rushes down from the Hellisheidi mountain range to create natural hot springs. Your hiking guide will be leading you the entire time and also accompany you to the Reykjadalur river for a relaxing bath.

Day 3 Reykjavik - 8 Hour Caving and Snorkeling Tour


At the Thingvellir National Park, you will first join a group tour to the Gjabakkahellir cave to walk through the Icelandic lava tubes. Then, you’ll come out of the underground to dive into the waters of Lake Thingvallavatn to snorkel through the Silfra fissure, a submerged crack between two continental plates. This itinerary can be modified for the winter season by swapping snorkeling with caving and Gjabakkahellir Cave with the Leidarendi Cave.

Day 4 Reykjavik - 6 Hour Volcano Tour


On a small group tour, you’ll explore the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano, the only volcanic chamber accessible to humans on this Earth. Starting with an hour hike through a lava field you will come to descend 400 feet down to the bottom in an open cable lift where you’ll be completely surrounded by the colorful crater. On this tour, you’ll enjoy an Icelandic meat soup and some hot coffee or tea and chocolate at a base camp.

Day 5 Reykjavik - Akureyri (45 Minutes) - 4-6 hour Dive the Arnarnesstry Tur


Board your transfer flight to Akureyri and you’ll immediately be driven to a group diving expedition to explore the beautiful and bountiful protected underwater area. You can explore the small hydrothermal chimneys that poke through the water and swim alongside tiny shrimp and wolf fish in addition to a number of underwater creatures. Cross your fingers for a humpback whale sighting too.

Day 6 Akureyri - 4-6 hour Myvatn Caves Adventure


Today, you’ll explore Lake Myvatn and its geothermal caves, Grjotagja and Storagja where you can swim in the 30 degree celsius water and swim between the chambers in the cave. Then, for a complete change of scenery, you’ll explore the Voyage crack and volcanic Leirhnjukur and Namuskard for its mud geysers. Then, after this day of exploration you can relax at the Myvatn Nature baths.

Day 7 Akureyri - ½ Day Arctic Circle Express Flight Tour


Embark on a sightseeing tour as you fly across the Arctic Circle towards Grimsey Island where you will get to see Icelandic wildlife in their natural habitat. There’s a chance you’ll see humpback whales swimming through the water on the way to Troll peninsula. Feast your eyes on the natural habitat of puffins and visit one of the last remaining authentic fishing villages where you can recieve a “Arctic Circle Crossing” badge as you feast on Icelandic cuisine.

Day 8 Akureyri


Enjoy your last day in Iceland, breathe in that fresh air, and get ready to board your flight back home.

Must See:


Icelandic National Museum, the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik Art Museum, Laugardalur Park, Halsgrimkirkja, Sun Voyager, the Perlan

Memory Makers:



Northern Lights Night Tour from Reykjavik

This 5 hour tour will take you to see one of the world’s great spectacles, the Northern Lights. Venture into Iceland’s country side, stop at different locations, and cross your fingers to catch a display for the majestic Aurora Borealis.


‘Game of Thrones’ Filming Locations Tour From Reykjavik

For Game of Thrones fans, they will definitely recognize the Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the setting of the White Walker scenes. This 8 hour tour is led by an expert guide where you can soak in the scenery and hear stories about the show.

Weather and climate


Iceland’s climate is influenced by the Gulf Stream, giving it more of a temperate climate. The weather in Iceland can be extremely variable and hard to predict. It is not unusual to be rained on and get sunburnt at the same time. Icelandic winters can be relatively mild for its latitude, with average temperatures ranging from 0 °C to -30 °C depending on which part of the island you’re on. The summer can see temperatures ranging from 10 - 30 °C. From May to the beginning of August, there are nearly 24 hours of sunlight, and the island can also get hit by strong winds and the occasional dust storm in the interior. For up-to-date forecasts, check

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