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Spitsbergen and the Midnight Sun

Spitsbergen and the Midnight Sun

9 Days


This summer edition journey takes the very best of Norway’s nature sights and culture trips and puts it together for an unforgettable 9 days. You’ll start your trip in the capital of Norway, the city of Oslo for some city sights before you head to the fjords along the Bergen Railway. You’ll get to see the most scenic views along the way and your destination of Turli Fossen waterfall is even more breathtaking with a 2,100 feet drop to the Aurland fjord below. Then, by boat, you’ll head to Naeroyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before being taken to the Arctic Circle at Svalbard to personally discover the Global Seed Vault at Longyearbyen. Then, you’ll cap off your trip at Kapp Linne where you’ll embark on several days of boat safari excursions to explore the wilderness and catch sights of animals like reindeer and the arctic fox.

2 Day in Oslo

1 Day in Flam

1 Day in Aurland

1 Day in Bergen

2 Days in Kapp Linne

2 Days in Longyearbyen

The Plan:

Day 1 Oslo


When you arrive at the airport, you will be picked up by your private driver and assistant to assist you to the hotel and check in. You’ll receive your welcome package and you can take this leisure time to do some self-exploring of the city and its food before turning in for the night.

Day 2 Oslo - Flam - Aurland (6 hours ) (15 Minutes) - 2 Hour Farm Tour


Take the Bergen Railway, northern Europe’s highest altitude railway line which is meticulously and professionally cared for, with one stop at Myrdal to board a cogwheel train to Flam where you’ll see picturesque nature views of cascading waterfalls, rivers, ravines, snow capped mountains, and slopes for 12 miles. Then, you’ll spend the rest of the day in Aurland where you’ll take a tour of the Aurland 29/2 farm.

Day 3 Aurland - ½ Day of Hiking


Get ready for a half day hiking excursion to the breathtaking Turlifossen waterfall. As you take in the scenic views of the nature sights and beautiful vistas, you’ll be fully immersed in the Norwegian wilderness. You’ll also stop by an organic bakery for some well earned baked goods and fruit during this journey.

Day 4 Aurland - Flam - Gudvangen - Bergen (15 Minutes) - 1.5 Hour Boat Ride (2 Hour and 15 Minutes)


A eco-friendly hybrid boat ride from Flam to Gudvangen which takes you around the greenery of the mountains and dynamic waterfalls and charming homesteads. Half of this spectacular boat ride will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Naeroyfjord, an arm of the Sognefjord which is also ranked as the number 1 Natural Heritage Site by the National Geographic Society. Then, you get on a transfer to Bergen.

Day 5 Bergen - Longyearbyen - Kapp Linne (6 Hours) - 2.5 Hour Boat Safari, 1 Hour Walk


After a transfer to Longyearbyen, you’ll make a stop at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which has a collection og seeds from all over the earth to preserve flora in case of global disaster. Continuing on the panoramic tour of the charming village of Longyearbyen, you’ll stop for lunch then board an Arctic built safari boat for a transfer to the Isfjord Radio Hotel at Kapp Linne.

Day 6 Kapp Linne - 7 Hour Boat Safari


Get on board a safari boat which will travel eastward towards the bird cliffs of Alkehornet which is home to thousands of birds. Then, in Trygghamna, you’ll get on shore for lunch before heading to see the Esmark Glacier. If that’s not enough, you’ll just have to keep your eyes out for whales, seals, and polar bears on the boat.

Day 7 Kapp Linne - Longyearbyen (6 Hour Boat)


Today, get on a boat to Gronfjorden and stop by the Barentsburg, a Russian mining city of only 350 residents. You’ll get to explore their way of life and eat a light lunch at their local brewery before returning to Longyearbyen by afternoon. This returning boat ride will be full of interesting stops and photo opportunities.

Day 8 Longyearbyen- 3 Hour Mining Tour


For an outing to the Longyearbyen Coal Mines, you’ll get a hands on experience stepping into a miner's dress, helmet, and stamp yourself into Gruve 3, which is a living monument of the mining history of the town. From the vivid stories of the miners and real life drills, shovels, and coal wagons, you’ll feel like you were in those stories.

Day 9 Longyearbyen


Make sure your bags are packed, take in the beautiful sights of Norway, and grab one last bite of Norwegian delights before heading to the airport for your flight home.

Must See:


Vigeland Park, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Kon-Tiki Museum, Munch Museum, Akershus Castle and Fortress, Aker Brygge, Akershus Fortress, Akershus Castle and Fortress

Memory Makers:



Taste of Oslo Walking Tour

This 3-4 hour walking tour is jam packed with the best spots to sample traditional Norwegian cuisine. Led by a local guide, they’ll take you too hard to find gems for the best of local chocolates, beers, and cheese while brushing you up on local history, culture, and sights.


Whale Watching in Magic Skjervoy

This full day tour will take you to an island that is home to orcas and humpback whales where you’ll spend two hours on the water to look for these beautiful whales with up to 12 other passengers. You’ll be provided sandwiches, tea, and coffee on the boat as you wait. Then, you’ll enjoy a panoramic drive back.

Weather and climate


Norway experiences extreme cold in the winter - particularly in sub polar regions - and gentle heat in the summer. The best time to visit is between mid-May and August, unless you're coming to ski, in which case the best time is December to the end of March. Northern parts inside the Arctic Circle have non-stop daylight in midsummer and twilight all day during winter.

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