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Air India: Can I Get Medical Help on My Flight in Case of an Emergency?

Air India: Can I Get Medical Help on My Flight in Case of an Emergency?

by Travelopod

May 27, 2024

Air India: Can I Get Medical Help on My Flight in Case of an Emergency?

Ever heard that call on a plane, "Is there a doctor on board?" In-flight medical emergencies are rare, but it's good to know Air India's cabin crew is trained to handle them. Plus, if a doctor happens to be on board, they can lend a hand too!

Recent Examples:

Air India takes passenger well-being seriously. Here are a couple of recent situations where their crew handled medical emergencies effectively:

  • Flight from Delhi to Chicago: A passenger experiencing a heart attack received immediate care and the flight was diverted to Uzbekistan for medical attention.
  • Nonstop flights from Delhi to Newark: A medical emergency resulted in a safe diversion to Iceland.

These examples show Air India's commitment to passenger safety and its ability to handle unexpected situations.

But what if there's no doctor around? Air India understands this concern. That's why, as part of their ongoing transformation, they made a history-making move to provide professional medical help to passengers and crew during emergencies on the ground or in the sky.

Here's the exciting news: The Tata airline has roped in MedAire, a leading global medical service provider in the aviation and maritime sectors. This partnership makes Air India the first Indian airline with 24-hour access to emergency medical support across its fleet and network.
This milestone in Air India's journey to becoming a world-class airline will not only ensure passengers' life safety and convenience but also reduce flight delays and diversions.

Think about it: No matter where you fly on Air India, you have access to expert medical help anytime, anywhere. This takes the worry off you and the crew, so you can relax and focus on enjoying your trip. Plus, it means fewer delays caused by medical emergencies, getting you to your destination faster.

Here's what this means for you:

  • Empowered Crew: Imagine Air India's cabin crew, already trained in first aid and CPR, having access to real-time guidance from aviation doctors during a medical emergency. This means they can provide even more advanced medical care on board.
  • MedLink App: MedAire's app helps the crew assess a passenger's condition and get instant advice from specialists. This can be crucial in those critical moments.
  • Fewer Flight Diversions: By having on-call medical support, Air India aims to reduce unplanned diversions due to medical emergencies. This saves you time and hassle.
  • Expert Support for Diversions: If a diversion is unavoidable, MedAire helps find the nearest suitable airport and coordinates with them for immediate medical attention when you land.
  • Pre-Flight Screening: In some cases, Air India may offer pre-flight health screenings to minimize the risk of mid-air medical incidents.
  • On-Ground Care: Air India's "Abhinandan" officers are trained medical professionals stationed at major Indian airports to provide further assistance upon arrival.

Overall, Air India's partnership with MedAire is a major step forward in passenger safety and well-being. It gives you peace of mind knowing you have access to professional medical help throughout your journey.

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